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F I L M ADVANCE with Wes Hallmark

“The end of my Film career path brought me here to this class, riding on a vehicle of photography. Shooting pictures has given me countless opportunities to capture truth, in an image. That’s why I love being a photographer." - Wes Hallmark


This is a 5 week course, once a week (Sundays) two hours.  Limit 7 students.


Students receive a course booklet, field notebook, instructional handouts and 1 roll of film.

Students are required to have an operational 35mm film camera and corresponding manual.

If original manual is not available Google is a good source to

find and print a manual.

1st Class Think, Feel & Shoot.  

Re-DISCOVER the joys of old-school Photography by learning how to shoot Film.  Think, Feel & Shoot.  

Introductions and student Q & A

Meet your instructor Wes Hallmark, Videographer and Photographer. 

Wes demos different types of film cameras:   35mm Single lens reflex, (SLR), Range finder, twin lens reflex, Mid-size format & large format.

2nd classBefore you click the shutter. 

Become part of the process, visualize before clicking the shutter.  Connect with your camera.  

Introduction to your Camera

What to check on the condition of your camera:

·       Look at the overall condition, signs of damage, rust, or mold.

·       Operate camera

·       Check the aperture

·       Check the optics

·       Look at the film transfer mechanism

·       Does your camera have a battery?

·       Auto Functions:  Check your manual on this item.

3rd Class   YOU Load the Film, bravely go for it, and find the fun in Film Photography by embracing the risks! 

·  Make sure Camera is Empty

·       Loading a fresh Roll!

     On camera, set your ASA to corresponding ISO on film package

·       Identify frame counter: Shoot and advance film until you reach the number “1” on the counter.

           Primed and Loaded, Ready to Shoot: Who has questions on Auto Mode?

·       Using Auto Mode- Most 35mm SLRs that have

·       Auto mode is a general guide to exposure in average lit environments

·       Instructions on Manual Aperture Settings

·       Nature photography settings

·       Stop motion or Blur

·       Sharp as a Tack or

·       Ahh the Creativity

·       Guide to Exposure

·      Be Prepared:  Purchase two sets of batteries and install one set in the camera.

·  Aperture primed and ready: Remember, this is film, value each frame, you are limited, use them accordingly!  

4th class - FIELD TRIP! Inspire your Photography to new, greater levels.

 (class time and date may be different depending upon weather.)

Students will need to bring $10 extra for film developing.

5th FINAL class - Make new relationships with other photographers! 

This is an unique opportunity for students to receive feedback by Wes on their prints andWes will share insight from his extensive Videography & Photography career.  

Gina Zhidov Photography | 327 North 6th, Chickasha | 

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