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Beginner Photography Workshop

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Beginner Photography WORKSHOP

January 8th-9th (Monday-Tuesday) 6-9 p.m.  $99

This high energy, hands on, interactive workshop is for Photographers shooting in AUTO and want to learn MANUAL mode. 

Students receive a PDF course booklet to print and use in the workshop.

Students will learn how & WHY to shoot in Manual Mode|AV & TV|Creative Modes

TONS of opportunity to LEARN and shoot.  Bring your dslr camera and a fully charged battery and be prepared to have fun and meet other photographers.  

 PROPER EXPOSURE:    Manual Mode:   Shutter|Aperture|ISO

Shoot in Manual Mode:  your camera does not know what kind of image you are trying to create.  Shooting in Manual will allow you control and better image results. 

Proper Exposure is getting the correct amount of light using the Shutter|Aperture|ISO

Proper Exposure | understanding Manual Mode

1)      Shutter controls motion and ambient light

2)      Aperture controls depth of field and light

3)      ISO controls how sensitive the sensor will be to light.

 Depth of Field

Depth of Field (DOF) is a range of distance that appears sharp.  Depth of Field is determined by 2 main things:  Aperture and focusing distance from subject.   

1)      A shallow DOF will allow a blurred background.  Smaller f-stop f 2.8 = wider aperture = more light.

2)      A deep DOF everything in the image will be sharp.  Bigger f-stop f 22= smaller aperture = less light

3)      Your focal distance and distance from subject will affect your DOF. 

When & Why to use AV|A Aperture Priority

Aperture Priority is a semi manual mode best used in DAYLIGHT OUTDOORS when you want to control your depth of field.    You set your aperture and the camera sets your shutter.  

When & Why to use TV|T Shutter Priority

Shutter priority is a semi manual mode best used OUTDOORS to capture motion.  You set your shutter and the camera sets your aperture. 

Beginning Composition

Knowing the elements of basic Composition will allow you to capture the essence of the image you see.  

1) Watch for distracting backgrounds | Fill the frame to avoid distracting backgrounds | move subject or your position-angle to avoid distracting backgrounds.

2) Rule of Thirds | Golden Ratio | Diagonals

3) Frame your subject to give it context, add depth and layers and lead the eye to the main focal point. 

4) Lead in Lines

5) Know your focus-Simplify. 

7) Look for Symmetry and repeating Patterns

8) Create Depth.   

Workshops are held at the Gina Zhidov Photography Studio 327 North 6th, Chickasha

Sign up below: Must sign up and pay to be considered part of workshop. Once you sign up check your e-mail for an invoice to pay.  If you have a January workshops $99 gift certificate, please indicate in the form below and bring the certificate to the workshop.  You will receive your workshop booklet pdf via e-mail once payment is received.  

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